Fake and Artificial Bonsai Trees


Although originated in Asia, Bonsai trees have now gained popularity in the West. Many are now interested to grow their own Bonsai trees while some are contented to have and care for some Bonsai trees. However, if you are among those who really love to have Bonsai trees but do not have the green thumb that is required for their maintenance, then better have your next best option. Why not have some fake Bonsai trees?

Fake Artificial Bonsai Tree

With artificial Bonsai trees, you don’t need to study how to cut the roots of some plants just to grow a real miniature tree. You don’t even have to put the plant outside to get some sunlight. You won’t worry if you forgot to water the plant. You don’t even have to understand the tricky art of pruning and wiring of Bonsai plants. Your only concern with the replica Bonsai trees are the accumulated dust on the artificial foliage. No more hassles of caring for a plant and no more worries for dying plants–that’s when you choose to have fake Bonsai trees. If you worry about the limitations on this variety, well, you don’t have to because artificial Bonsai trees also come in different kinds.

The two common kinds of artificial Bonsai trees are custom and pre-made.

With custom-made Bonsai trees, you will have the option to choose the kind of Bonsai plant you want to have. This is usually made per order basis. There are stores and sites that offer custom-made Bonsai trees. You just have to give your specifications like the size of the plant, the plant to be imitated, the color of the leaves, flowers, fruits, or the styles you want for a Bonsai tree. The good side of choosing the custom-made Bonsai tree is that you can personalize and dictate the kind of plant you want to have. However, you have to wait for some time to finish your custom-made Bonsai tree. Anyway, it will just take some days, depending on the complexity of your ordered artificial Bonsai tree.

Meanwhile, the pre-made Bonsai trees are those you usually find in department stores. All you have to do is choose among the available fake Bonsai trees, pay for your choice, and bring it home. It is best that you buy your pre-made Bonsai tree from stores that specialize in selling these products since they offer wider varieties. Anyway, the good thing about the pre-made Bonsai tree is that you can immediately purchase your choice. Buying the pre-made Bonsai trees is best when doing last minute gift shopping. The only downside is that you won’t have the vast choice with this compared with the custom-made.

When choosing the best fake and artificial Bonsai tree, better inspect the materials used for making the tree. The leaves should be made from the finest silk or polyester. These are long-lasting than other cheap materials. Most of these artificial Bonsai trees have trunks made out of real wood.

There are a wide variety of artificial bonsai trees nowadays that you can buy online. You can find artificial crab apple bonsai trees, flowering trees like azalea and bougainvillea bonsai trees, and even elm plants. They look beautiful and have colorful flowers just like their real counterparts. The height of these artificial bonsai trees usually range between eight and twelve inches.

It is also possible that you can have the different styles of real Bonsai trees when you have an artificial one, only that these styles can never be altered anymore. Included to the many Bonsai tree styles you can choose are the formal upright style, informal upright style, cascade style, slant style, raft style, group style, broom style, literati style, growing-in-a-rock style, root-over-rock style, and multi-trunk style.

With fake Bonsai trees and the many varieties you can have, decorating your home or your office with the ancient Chinese plant is always possible—even if you don’t have the green thumb you’ve always wanted.