Best Artificial Bonsai Trees


Are you looking for a bonsai tree that looks the part but requires no looking after or care? Then look no further as we have come up with a list of the best fake and artificial bonsai trees that need no light, no water, no feeding and no trimming just a light dust every now and then.

#1 - Cedar Artificial Bonsai Tree

This artificial cedar bonsai tree clearly is a winner with its informal upright style standing at approx. 24 inches tall (approx. 30 inches tall with pot) and its authentic looking evergreen foliage. This is a large artificial bonsai tree and at a glance or from nearby you will think this was a living tree. On close inspection the trunk can give away its fake identity but the exposed roots and soil really do look the part. If you are fed up with spending money on buying real bonsai trees only to have them die on you then look no further, this is the tree for you.

#2 - Purple Blossom Artificial Bonsai Tree

This fake bonsai tree has character with its purple flowers and cascade style. It comes placed in a white planter with realistic looking substrate. The size of the tree and planter is (in inches) 9.5 W X 9.75 H X 3.25 D making it the perfect addition to your desk, a bookshelf or coffee table. The trunk itself does look rather plasticky if you get close, but the foliage and flowers detract from this. If you are on a budget and are looking for something to brighten up a small place in your home then this mini tree truly is a great buy.

#3 - Cherry Blossom Artificial Bonsai Tree

If you want the look of a cherry blossom bonsai in full bloom all year round then this is the tree for you. The varied pastel colours will bring a sense of peace to any part of your home. The tree in its pot stands about 14-15 inches high and approximately 18 inches at its widest. The exposed roots and soil give an authentic look but the trunk does look artificial when you get up close. As with all artificial plants this needs placed somewhere it can be observed from a distance to appreciate its real beauty.

The quality of artificial bonsai trees has increased significantly nowadays. As a result, it is common for people to think that they are the real thing because of their fine works in imitating the real plants. The makers have crafted the fake bonsai trees carefully so they will appear as close as the real thing.

The bonsai tree originates from China, although most people think that it comes from Japan. This is because Japan is more open to Western countries for quite some time and thus it makes the bonsai tree in Japan more visible as well. Real bonsai trees are cultivated by experts. It is difficult for common people to do this work because you need to understand numerous fine points to grow these delicate and elegant trees. Experts know the types of trees that can be cultivated as bonsai and they have many experiences in caring various trees to produce this bonsai effect.

Bonsai trees are basically the same as the ordinary trees where the only difference is their small size. There are different types of bonsai trees and there are certain ways to grow them properly. Bonsai trees usually are planted in small containers to retard their growth. When the trees grow inside these containers, experts keep pruning the roots and leaves so the trees stay healthy. They have to be wet regularly as bonsai trees will die quickly if you keep them dry for a period of time. However, when they are wet too much and become soggy, they can easily die as well. As you can see, growing and caring bonsai trees are not a simple task. Therefore, if you want to have their beauty without doing those difficult works, artificial bonsai trees is the answer.