Lego Bonsai Trees: Small is Beautiful


This Lego pine bonsai tree formed part of the award winning, record breaking exhibition Nature Connects. Created by Sean Kenney, it took an incredible 9,143 Lego bricks and 90 build hours to complete!

Lego Bonsai Tree - Sean Kenney

Image Source : NANHBH

We all know Lego is fun to play with and making Lego bonsai trees is another creative use for these popular building bricks. The good thing about having a Lego bonsai tree is that it needs no looking after, maybe a dust every now and then.Lets take a look at some mini trees that have been built from Lego and are shown next to their living bonsai counterparts.

Quick NavigationGallery: 10 Lego Bonsai Trees and their Living Bonsai Counterparts#1 – Azalea Bonsai#2 – Azalea Mame Bonsai#3 – Pine Bonsai#4 – Red Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Bonsai#5 – Money Tree Bonsai#6 – Double Trunk Hornbeam Bonsai#7 – Willow Bonsai#8 – Full Blossom Cherry Bonsai#9 – Olive Bonsai#10 – Hawthorn BonsaiTutorials: Make Your Own Little Lego TreeTutorial #1 – Red Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)Tutorial #2 – Cherry BlossomTutorial #3 – Double Trunk HornbeamTutorial #4 – Oak TreeTutorial #5 – Micro TreesTutorial #6 – Station TreeTutorial #7 – HispaBrick Tree

Gallery: 10 Lego Bonsai Trees and their Living Bonsai Counterparts

#1 – Azalea Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Azalea

Image Source(s) : BrickShelf, ArtOfBonsai

#2 – Azalea Mame Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Mame Azalea

Image Source(s) : Reddit, Pinterest

#3 – Pine Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Pine

Image Source(s) : Brothers-Brick, Peterteabonsai

#4 – Red Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Red Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)

Image Source(s) : ChrisMcVeigh, Futura-Sciences

#5 – Money Tree Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Money Tree

Image Source(s) : Moc-Pages, SketchySloth

#6 – Double Trunk Hornbeam Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Double Trunk Hornbeam

Image Source(s) : Flickr, Liveinternet

#7 – Willow Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Willow

Image Source(s) : Flickr, Passionbassin`

#8 – Full Blossom Cherry Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Full Blossom Cherry

Image Source(s) : BrickNerd, PrettyFlowers

#9 – Olive Bonsai

Lego Bonsai Tree - Olive

Image Source(s) : ThisIsColossal, BalconyGardenWeb

#10 – Hawthorn Bonsai

Image Source(s) : Flickr, TridentMapleSource

Feeling inspired?Then check out the following Lego tree tutorials and have a go at building your own little tree!

Tutorials: Build Your Own Little Lego Tree

Tutorial #1 – Red Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)

Lego Tree Tutorial - Red Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)

Nice looking simplistic little tree, looks more complicated to build than it actually is.

Build the Tree : ChrisMcVeigh – PDF file

Build the Base & Pot (PDF file) : ChrisMcVeigh – PDF file

Tutorial #2 – Cherry Blossom

Lego Tree Tutorial - Cherry

Flowering Bonsai trees truly are beautiful, so why not have a go at this Lego one, at least you won’t need to keep it watered once complete.

Build It : Rebrickable

Tutorial #3 – Double Trunk Hornbeam

Lego Tree Tutorial - Double Trunk Hornbeam

Pretty technical this one, not for the faint hearted!

Build It : Flickr – FullPlate

Tutorial #4 – Oak Tree

Lego Tree Tutorial - Oak

Simplicity with this little Oak tree.

Build It : InspiredBrick

Tutorial #5 – Micro Trees

Lego Tree Tutorial - Micro

Small really is beautiful, how can you not have a go at these cute little trees, very therapeutic!

Build It : Flickr – FullPlate

Tutorial #6 – Station Tree

Lego Tree Tutorial - Station Tree

Step by step pictures to make this mini tree, perfect for any scenic model railway Lego setup.

Build It : BrickShelf

Tutorial #7 – HispaBrick Tree

HispaBrick Tutorial - Tree

This tutorial visually shows how to weave the leaves to get various shapes.

Build It : Flickr – Katie Walker

A big thanks to all sources cited above for making this post possible!