Juniper Procumbens Nana ~Bonsai Starter Plant~


Juniper Procumbens Nana Bonsai Starter Plant

There is nothing like a beautiful garden or a well-decorated home. You probably envy your friend whose garden you cannot take your eyes from or whose interior decoration is just to die for. Who said it has to be all difficult and stressing?

Juniper Bonsai is all you need to add that magical touch to your home. [easyazon_link identifier=”B003DMFC9G” locale=”US” tag=”bonsaioasis-2-20″]Juniper Bonsai[/easyazon_link] is a low growing tree that originates from Southern Japan. It is time to transform your home into a work of art. A peaceful home is what all and sundry longs for. Juniper Bonsai does exactly that.

While making your home more beautiful, this tree also adds elements of calmness, peace and harmony into your home. You will find this very appealing especially if you are fan of Yoga or just love meditating.

If you are a beginner and wondering which are some of the best plants to start off with; be assured that you cannot go wrong with Juniper Bonsai. You will not need to put a lot of work in managing the tree.

All you need is to water the plant every day, pinch and trim it and you have your home not only looking good but with some added tranquility as well. Decorate your living space by displaying the beauty of a miniature plant and live your fairytale of an attractive and eye catching home.

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  • The Juniper Bonsai plant is shipped in a 4” inch container or pot
  • The leaves can be easily guided and trimmed into any shape the shape that you want
  • It comes in small but ideal size
  • The plant is between 6 to 8 inches
  • Ideal for both indoors or outdoors; you get to choose on where you want it
  • The roots of the plant are potted properly in the 4” inch pot in damp soil keeping them fairly healthy
  • The plant is usually eighteen months or older when you get it
  • It is ideal if you are just beginning out on gardening


  • The Juniper Bonsai plant has an attractive canopy and impressive bark which keeps your home looking beautiful
  • This tree increase in beauty as it matures and grows over the years; just like wine
  • It is an easy tree to take care of; with proper and regular watering you are good to go. You can use shower nozzle or water pitcher for watering to prevent water run-offs or top soil erosion. You can also try sink soaking.
  • Juniper Bonsai creates a peaceful and tranquil environment for your meditation
  • It is easy to pinch and trim your tree as needed
  • Placing the Juniper Bonsai plant at an eye level of say 3-4 feet high where it can be easily viewed, for example on a table , bench or wall gives your room the aesthetic it needs
  • Juniper Bonsai comes at pocket friendly prices


  • The longer horizontal branches have a tendency of intertwining
  • You should regularly water your tree especially if the weather conditions are dry. The plant should always be evenly moist but never dry or wet
  • At times the tree may lack water absorption, it is therefore important to regularly aerate the soil. Use a fork or soil rake to break up the soil and prevent it from clumping


The Juniper Bonsai plant is a beautiful miniature plant that is easy to manage. It adds peace and tranquility to your home while at the same time giving it a magical touch. If you are a beginner on gardening or managing plants, you should definitely start with a plant that is simple to attend to which is what Juniper Bonsai offers you.

Feed the plant with enough water every day especially during dry seasons and you will have it for a long time. It is also important to feed it with the right amount of fertilizer on a regular basis, say after three months. This is because it is in a pot and you need to keep it healthy if you want to have it with you for a long period of time.

You can easily pinch and trim the leaves to keep them at your desired height and maintain the bust that you require. The beauty part about this is that you can trim the plant into the different shapes you want. Always ensure that your plant has an adequate amount of light getting to it, this is very important. Juniper Bonsai is your go to plant for some exquisiteness and aesthetic to your home.

Comparison: Royal Purple Bougainvillea Plant -Indoors/Out or Bonsai – 4″ Pot

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Royal Purple Bougainvillea Plant is a beautiful that is also ideal for both outdoors or indoors. This plant is ideal for outdoor temperatures at a minimum of above 50 degrees F. Just like the Juniper Bonsai, it needs very bright light and an adequate amount of water. You will need to keep it moist all the time but never dry or wet. The plant comes in a 4” inch pot similar to Juniper Bonsai.

The sight of beautiful purple flowers growing from the plant can be very exciting. This will add color to your home and will very appealing to the eye. The brightly colored flowers are all year; this is an ever bloomer plant. The blooms hold their color even with age.


It is important to have plants that are manageable and easy to handle for your gardening. Gardening is important for the environment but more so it brings about happiness and improves your health by calming your nerves, distracting your mind and it is also considered a form of physical exercise.

Whether you decide to have your [easyazon_link identifier=”B003DMFC9G” locale=”US” tag=”bonsaioasis-2-20″]Juniper Procumbens Nana ~Bonsai Starter Plant[/easyazon_link] indoors or outdoors, it will do you a lot of good just by tending to the plant.

This is a beautiful plant that adds good energy to your home and helps you clear your mind. You are able to meditate and at the same time have a beautiful home. You must never miss a Bosnia plant in your home. These are ideal miniature plants that add aesthetic to your surroundings, are easy to maintain and are definitely worth your money.