Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree – Medium Jasminoides Miami supreme


Bonsai Boys Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree - Medium jasminoides Miami supreme

Nature is beautiful but what is even more beautiful is a beautiful indoor plant with some beautiful flowers and a sweet scent to top it up.

What you see is what you get and that also goes to what you smell is what you take in with the Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree – Medium jasminoides Miami supreme.

This is a beautiful plant that has flowers and deep dark leaves. The flowers are white in color which makes the plant stand out and have a marvelous kind of beauty.

If you are looking to add beauty and life to your surrounding with an easy to maintain plant, the Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree – Medium jasminoides Miami supreme is what you should definitely get.

You can shape the plant into different shapes that you need with the help of a wire. Watering is not an everyday task, so yes the plant does not need a lot maintaining. It is time to add some vibe and beautiful scent to your home with this plant. You will love it and so will your guests.


  • The Medium jasminoides Miami supreme is twelve inches tall
  • The plant is sold to you when it is seven years old
  • It has white large irresistible fragrant flowers that bloom
  • The plant has waxy foliage that is dark green in color giving it a beautiful contrast with the breathtaking flowers
  • This is a green, lovely and healthy plant that gets at least 5 to six buds
  • It is well packaged for shipping and comes ready for you to place it in an ideal spot in your home
  • The foliage has distinctive veins that make the plant, even more, eye-catching
  • The Medium jasminoides Miami supreme is a tropical plant and thus requires a warm and humid environment. You will need a 9 by 6 humidity which you can easily get from stores
  • It is important to keep the plant elevated on pebbles to ensure that the roots does not sit in water
  • Pruning the tree should take place after the flowering season is over; during winter or spring time


  • The Medium jasminoides Miami supreme adds a classic touch of elegance to your living area
  • The plant is clean with no bugs or fungus
  • This is not a flimsy plant
  • The deep dark foliage coupled with the white flower brings life to your living area making it look vibrant and elegant
  • The flowers emit a beautiful scent that fills your living area
  • The white flowers have a very fine texture that is gentle to the hand
  • This is an ever fresh and healthy plant that you will enjoy having in your home
  • This plant does not need a lot of care; you only need to water the tree every three days
  • You can shape the plant into different styles such as the ever graceful semi cascade style or the classic umbrella style


  • Although the flowers have a beautiful and strong scent, it can have adverse effects on people suffering from allergies or asthma
  • If the leaves get too wet they can become a breeding spot for fungus
  • If the plant is not elevated, the roots can sit on water which can lead to root rot
  • You need a wire to shape the plant
  • Aphids tend to love the plant


The Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree – Medium jasminoides Miami supreme is a beautiful plant with elegant white flowers that will add the aesthetic you need in your living room.

The white flowers in contrast with the dark green foliage ooze a feeling of beauty and elegance. The flowers have a beautiful scent that keeps your surrounding fresh and smelling nice. The flowers have been used for centuries to make perfumes.

This is an easy-to-maintain plant that will last you for years with proper care. All you need is to ensure that the plant gets enough water and that the soil is never dry or too wet at any particular point in time.

You will need to repot the plant after two years as it grows and increases in size. Always remember to prune the roots to the right size, never too much and never too little.

In the case of an aphid attack, use make a diluted water and soap solution, spray the leaves until the solution runs off and gently wipe the leaves with a soft sponge and rinse every leaf to ensure the aphids are removed.

Comparison: Juniper Procumbens Nana ~Bonsai Starter Plant

The Juniper Bonsai plant is an attractive miniature plant that is easy to manage. This plant brings about peace and calmness to your home while at the same time keeping it beautiful. All this plant needs just like any other Bosnia plant is an adequate amount of water and a regular supply of fertilizer to keep it fresh and healthy.

This is an ideal plant if you are just beginning out on gardening or taking care of plants. It is very easy to trim and pinch the plant and shape it to any shape that you desire.

Unlike the Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree – Medium jasminoides Miami supreme which needs a wire to shape you do not need one for the Juniper Bosnia. However, the Medium jasminoides Miami supreme is a very beautiful plant that with flowers that have a sweet scent making your surrounding more homely.


Having an indoor plant that has a strong sweet scent in your living area will literally blow off your guests once they step foot into your home. They will definitely be asking you where the sweet smell is coming from and will want to know more about your plants. It is amazing how nature can be so accommodative and even change the mood of any kind of surrounding.

The Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree – Medium jasminoides Miami supreme is a beautiful tree that is ideal for your home. If you are still debating on whether to get the tree or not, well just remember that it requires little maintenance.

All it needs is water and fertilizer to keep it growing and of course adequate sunlight for prolific growth. You get to enjoy different shapes from this plant while t the same taking in the beautiful scent that has been used in perfumes for centuries.